Universal Delivery Service 

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Dear clients and friends,

When we launched Universal Delivery Service in 2012, we embarked on a very exciting mission. We were the first to offer food outlets an on-demand delivery service. This helped many clients who did not have their own delivery system as well as clients who needed help delivering orders during peak times. We helped clients reduce operating costs in a particularly tough economic climate. 

We are sad to say that, at this time, we have decided to close Universal Delivery Service.

In many ways, Universal Delivery Service has been a success for the above mentioned reasons.

However, while so many of you eateries saw the opportunity in  Universal Delivery Service, we discovered there are still barriers to widespread adoption of the service.  As a small team with limited resources, we have taken a good long look at these scaling challenges. And, after much thought, we have made the extremely difficult decision to close Universal Delivery Service . We would like to thank everyone, from clients to riders over what was an exciting journey.